Handbook of Career Theory by Arthur, Hall, and Lawrence

Handbook of career theory – Michael Bernard Arthur, Michael B. Arthur, Douglas T. Hall, Barbara S. Lawrence – Google Books.

Particularly careers, identities, and institutions.  Lots of great stuff about the Chicago School of Sociologists, particularly Strauss and Hughes.

a)  careers fuse the objective and the subjective;

b)  careers entail status passages;

c)  careers are rightfully properties of collectives;

d)  careers link individuals to the social structure.

“People don’t make careers, careers make people”  – Van Maanen (1977)

Thomas says it’s more recursive.  “Institutions could have no reality independent of the lives they shaped.”

Foote (1951:17) “A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a person by another name will act according to that name.”

“Whether or not subjective interpretations accurately describe a person’s objective career is irrelevant.  What counts is whether such interpretations spur individuals to accept or reject the institutions their careers encode.”

But the Chicago school over-estimated institutional stability.  When people are embedded in several institutions simultaneously, it is “quite likely that the subcultural forces for institutional change will arise.” (Schein, 1978, Barley, 1989)