Grounded Theory

Learning lots of wonderful things from visiting lecturers about methodologies for Grounded Theory.

Can it be objective?  Can you ever remove bias?  How can you claim validity and truth without objective quantifiable measures?

“Glaser and Strauss have disagreed on how to apply the grounded theory method, resulting in a split between Straussian and Glaserian paradigms.”

How do we know something is “true?”  What is “truth?”

Still seems like the best approach is to view data through both qualitative and quantitative measures, then you cover both bases.

Are there some questions/data that should only be approached by one or the other?

What is the story of numbers?

What are the numbers of story?

“The research principle behind grounded theory method is neither inductive nor deductive, but combines both in a way of abductive reasoning (coming from the works of Charles Sanders Peirce)”

Also, in terms of the big “D:”  It’s good to try to focus your topic right at the beginning.  Streamline your papers and topics towards the area you’re passionate about as soon as possible.