Selected reviews and features about my plays:

“The beauty of Cicchini and Pollyanna Theatre Company’s work is that it honors both the simplicity and the complexity of a child’s mind. The patterns may be basic – days of the week or shapes – but the emotions are grand. The character Red doesn’t always understand how the patterns work. He doesn’t catch on or fit in as easily as Yellow, Blue, and Green. As he struggles, his friends alternate between helping and making fun. Pattern Nation is as much about human experience as it is about learning.”

Pollyanna Theatre Company: A world of ‘Patterns’ By Hanna Kenah, Austin Chronicle

“… Playwright Cicchini has a real feel for these two characters. The dialogue between them is witty, thought provoking and frequently very funny. Mostly at Madalyn’s instance the two get into a number of amusing scrapes. At one point Madalyn spends the night cavorting at a British officers’ club and Terese spends hers washing dishes at a Buddhist monastery. ….”

Mays and Terese – Review  George Walker, WFIU, Bloomington, Indiana

“There once was a lass named Cicchini

Who wrote script for the old, young, and teeny

It was terribly clear

That she loved Edward Lear

From the start of her play ’til the finis.

Austin playwright Emily Cicchini (Becoming Brontë) tells the true story behind one of childhood’s best loved love song/poems, Edward Lear’s magical “The Owl and the Pussy-Cat.””

Edward, The Owl, and The Calico Cat – Review, Kate X Messer, Austin Chronicle